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Sunday, October 25, 2009

How to avoid insolvency in the first place: #1

A well-organised business is a successful business

In my years as an Insolvency Practitioner, I’ve found that two things always seem to go hand in hand. These two things are disorganised businesses and insolvency.

We all know that there is a long list of things that we’d all like to get round to doing, but we just haven’t got the time. Some things fit into the category of “nice to do but not essential.” So it would be nice to buy a new plant for the office, or replace the broken clock that is always 15 minutes slow. But these things don’t really damage a business. There’s no need to lose any sleep over them.

But some things are critical and if they get forgotten, the wheels will start to fall off and everything will end in tears. Whether it’s taxing the company van, making sure that invoices are paid on time and decent bookkeeping to make sure that everything is properly accounted for, some things just have to be done. The problem is that it’s easy to concentrate on doing the business, rather than running it.

Happily for smaller businesses, help is at hand. There’s no need to take on extra members of staff as there are a number of excellent virtual assistants, part-time bookkeepers and office support professionals, who can make your life a lot easier. They can spend as much or as little time as necessary, either working in your office or theirs, making sure that all the little (but crucial) things get done. So whether it’s answering the phone in a professional manner, organising mailshots to potential customers or day-to-day bookkeeping, there are plenty of people to turn to.

Try a web search for virtual assistants in your area - or, if you prefer, I can recommend some for you to consider.

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