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Friday, April 2, 2010

Ostrich mentality to debt is still a big problem

Sticking your head in the sand will not help deal with debt problems

Research published today shows that many people are too ashamed to ask for help with their debt problems, preferring to ignore them in the hope that they will go away. A poll carried out for 'R3', the insolvency profession's leading association (of which I am a member) shows that 21% of people with debt problems haven't contacted anyone for help because "It's easier not thinking about it" whilst 14% are worried what people will think if they seek help about their debts. In addition, 30% of people with money problems haven't even told their partner or family about their situation.

Unfortunately I see this situation all the time. People come to me when the situation is really desperate, where someone has put off taking advice sooner because they were worried about what people would think or what their partner or family might say. (Sometimes people are even worried about what I would think - trust me, I've seen it all, nothing shocks me any more!)

The old saying 'better late than never' is true and there are things that can be done to ease the situation even when things seem bleak. But the sooner that someone takes advice about debt problems, there will be more options and the options themselves will be more palatable and more attractive to creditors.

So if you are worried about your debts, whether they are business or personal, why not give me a call on 01709 331300. You can meet with me free of charge and I'll help you to find out what all your options are. It's confidential and I promise that I won't judge or be shocked: I'll just try to help.

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