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Monday, August 2, 2010

Getting away from it all can lead to problems back home

Millions get into debt for a holiday

The insolvency trade body R3 released figures today showing that over 2 million holidaymakers have got into debt to pay for holidays this year and will spend an average of seven months paying it back.

The research, carried out in the middle of July by pollsters GfK NOP reveals that 2,329,500 people had to borrow on average £1,130 to pay for a summer getaway.

Now I like a holiday as much as the next insolvency practitioner and to many, a spend of just over £1,000 on a big holiday may not be too shocking. In fact, I wonder if the ‘real’ figure for holiday spending is much more, but the individuals surveyed didn’t have an accurate idea of exactly how much they would spend: the flights and hotel may be around £1,000 but how much more unplanned spending goes on food and booze, sightseeing trips and souvenirs?

In my experience, the problem often tends to be that the holiday spending comes on top of other unsecured debts that have mounted up through the year. This kind of spending can be the final straw for many people, who return home to credit card bills and loan repayments that they simply can’t afford.

The good news is, no matter how debts have been incurred, there is help available. If you’ve returned from your summer holidays and found that you’ve got more than a few photos and a bottle of the local firewater to remind you of your trip, give me or one of my colleagues a call on 01709 331300. We can help.

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